Some exciting news – we have decided through our website and self-publishing to share our stories to invite dialogue about self determination, empowerment, social justice and other issues central to Binang Goonj.

Anne-Katrin Eckermann and Lynette Nixon, two founding members of the Binang Goonj team,  have recently published  “A Place Called Home: The Gunggari Struggle for Land: A Native Title Case Study.

The Gunggari are an Aboriginal language and land owning group in S.W. Queensland. “A Place Called Home” chronicles this Indigenous group’s struggle not only for Native Title and all that entails, but also for respect and recognition.

Watch this video to see how The Gunggari story is indeed one of resilience and perseverance.

Anne retired from the University of New England, Armidale in 2007 but continues her work with Gunggari people in South West Queensland. She has contributed to the Gunggari struggle for land since 1995 and many of her publications since the 1970s have supported research into the Gunggari native title claims.

Lynette is now retired and living in Mitchell. She continues her involvement with land issues concerning the Gunggari people. More recently she has been recording the stories and language of those Gunggari people, who were taken away from their country after the turn of the twentieth century. Her display ‘And Then They Were Gone’ is lodged at the Yugambeh Museum in Beenleigh.

Toni Dowd has launched a Beyond Dementia Community Action network to raise community awareness and understanding of dementia. She is inviting people living with dementia to help her adapt Binang Goonj resources to break down the social isolation, stigma and discrimination associated with the condition. If you would like to get involved in shaping these resources please email