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Below You Will Find A Great Selection of Aboriginal Resources:-

Binan Goonj: Bridging Cultures in Aboriginal Health, 3rd Edition

Thoroughly updated and revised the third edition provides current up-to-date literature addressing the complexity and multidisciplinary topics of Indigenous Health within the context of social justice and cultural safety.

Remote Area Nurses

Remote Area Nurses

This DVD contains four resources which illustrate the diversity & complexity of remote area nursing practice.

Remote Area Nursing: The Challenge of Competence 20 mins
National Remote Area Nurse Competencies pdf booklet
Remote Area Nurses of Sight, Out of Mind – 21 mins
Binang Goonj RANs Out of Sight, Out of Mind pdf guide.

AUD $110 inc. GST

Please use our enquiry form on the home page to order by email.

Watch Video Below to Learn More Remote Area Nurses

Natchuna Yimbaya – Listen to Me – 10 minutes

Through seven short skits this DVD examines real and perceived communication breakdown between non-Aboriginal health care providers and Aboriginal clients.

Nganyji – All of Us – 12 minutes

This DVD demonstrates forces which may enhance or endanger partnerships between non-Aboriginal health professionals and Aboriginal communities.

Remote Area Nurses Out of Sight Out of Mind DVD

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